Fire Chief William P. Chisholm

Fire Chiefs Message……


I am very proud to be the Fire Chief of such an outstanding group of men and women!

The members of the Antigonish Town Fire Dept. are proud to serve their community. The delivery of emergency fire service is a community wide effort and cannot be done without the support of a number of groups and individuals...

The employers who allow our firefighters to leave their jobs without a moments notice.

The Education Centers, Play Schools, and Daycare teachers who allow us into their classrooms for public education sessions.

The local media groups who assists us in promoting our cause through the paper and on the air.

The Antigonish Town Council who support us in providing equipment and the funding to educate our firefighters.

Lastly, all Antigonish Town Firefighters and their families who give to the fire service, thousands of hours each year to train and respond to emergency calls.

I would also like to express our appreciation to the community at large for their efforts in supporting the fire department by creating a fire safe environment in their homes and in their places of work.

I leave you with a couple of things to think about...careless cooking (grease fires), are still claiming far too many lives and could be greatly reduced, if not eliminated by using a thermostatic controlled pot, and it is not enough just to have a smoke detector, far too often Fire Depts respond to calls and find that smoke detectors are not working because of a dead battery or someone has removed the battery or unplugged the wire. Only a working smoke detector can save lives, so test yours regularly!

Please enjoy our website!

Thank You,

Antigonish Town Fire Chief