This unit is a 2001 GMC C8500 series firetruck. It is powered by a Cummings diesel motor, with an automatic
transmission and air brakes. The truck carries a 900 gallon water tank and a 1050 pump.

The Rescue Truck is a built upon a 2006 GMC Top-Kick TC 7500 chassis. The truck is powered by a 7.2 L Caterpillar
diesel engine with a 6-speed automatic Allison transmission.
The rescue body was built by Lantz Truck Body Limited. It is a 20' rescue box with rear and side entry doors. The
rescue body is designed with a "command area" to the front to facilitate communication and storage of resource
material. This area also includes six SCBA equipped seats. The rear of the rescue body includes twelve lockers
for turnout gear, and compartment storage for a thermal imager, gas monitor and other equipment.
Exterior compartment storage is provided for a SCBA carousal, a positive pressure fan, saws, vehicle extrication
tools (Jaws-of-Life) and airbags, and other firefighting and rescue tools.
Other features include four 1000 watt telescoping lights, a 12,000 pound electric winch, and a diesel generator.
The Rescue Truck is used at firefighting operations, for vehicle extrication, and responds to other rescue calls.

2009 Pierce Heavy Duty 105’ Aerial Ladder – QUINT
The apparatus chassis is the Pierce Arrow XT, powered by a Detroit Diesel 515 hp engine. The
transmission is a six speed Allison automatic. The suspension is Pierce’s Oshkosh Tak-4 with
22,800 pound front and 48,000 pound rear. The apparatus also has an inter-axle differential,
which divides torque evenly between axles.
The 105 foot steel aerial has both turntable and ladder tip controls for the aerial ladder and the
nozzle. The nozzle is rated for 1,000 gpm and served with a telescopic water way. The aerial
tip also has a 2 ½ inch connection, rope rescue attachment, electrical outlet, and a two-way
communication system between the aerial tip and the operator’s turntable. Other aerial
ladder features include a “stow and deploy” function and rung alignment. The tip load is
750 pounds. Four stabilizers provide stability with a 16' foot spread and 18" stabilizer penetration.
The Waterous pump is rated for 1,650 gallons per minute and the tank size is 391 gallons.
There are two 2 ½ inch discharges on both the left and right side of the apparatus.
The apparatus has hose beds for both firefighting hose and high volume supply hose.
The apparatus also includes five self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) seats
(four in the rear cab and one in the front passenger seat); 115 feet of ground ladders in total
with the required Quint combination; and a 10 kilowatt generator.

2017 Pierce Saber Maxi Metal Pumper Tanker
1500 Imperial Gallons of Water
1250 IGPM Pump
6 Crew seats with 5 being 911 Seats with 5 SCBA's
Husky Foam System